We rise by lifting others

It was middle of November 2010. I was standing in front of Astrid Lindgrens Children's Hospital in Stockholm – my new working place for the next couple of years. I was excited, full of dreams, plans and expectations! 

I was ready to go in when I saw him – the little boy, 4-5 years old, with no hair, no eyebrows and no smile. No it wasn't the first time I saw a cancer patient but the contrast between my personal happiness and the eyes of this boy was so overwhelming that I remember him even now, years later. 

I'm not religious, yet I believe that giving for a good course is one of the most rewarding things in this world. Today I'm very proud to announce that M&P is going to donate 10% of our profit to die Deutsche Kinderkrebsstiftung – a nonprofit organization that, among other tasks, promotes and finances research projects aiming to improve various aspects of anti-cancer treatment for young patients. It does feel good to know that the money I earn, the money YOU pay, among else, will be spent on making this world a little bit better place for those most vulnerable human beings. 

Yours, Daria.

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